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My Goals.

  • Provide exceptional customer service and be the conduit of information between the public and City Council. I will lead with integrity and foster trust with our community.   

  • Maintain transparency in the City Council’s decision-making process, ensuring compliance with the law - protecting your rights as a citizen. 


  • Engage residents of diverse backgrounds and the youth through a multi-partnership outreach campaign. Advocate for strong representation of all Burbank residents through increased participation in all elections and Burbank’s Boards, Commissions, and Committees. 

  • Conduct Burbank's Municipal Elections with integrity, transparency, and inclusiveness.  


  • Complete the electronic management of the City’s records by making them accessible online and offer community training workshops. 


  • Enhance the operations of the Passport Office and generate revenue for the City’s General Fund that can be used towards new or current programs and services.   

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